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- This is and outdoor event. Please dress for the weather. (Cold, Rain, Snow) and it is highly recommended to wear warm clothing and boots. (We do make every effort to try to keep walking areas covered and dry)


- Please wear appropriate clothing; you will be on a working farm, so expect a little dirt and mud.


- You will be walking on uneven ground. Proper shoes are necessary, no flip flops, crocks, sandals or high heels


- OBEY ALL signage.


- Speed limit in the parking area is 5 MPH


- ALL ATTENDEES HAVE TO FILL OUT AND SIGN WAIVER FORM. To Expedite the ticketing process please go to dates & times tab or tab at the top of web page and print form off and fill out prior to coming.


- NOT RECCOMENDED for kids under 12 years of age.


- UNDER 16 you must be accompanied by an adult.


- No alcohol permitted on the property.


- If you are pregnant we HIGHLY recommend not attending!!!!


- Leave all large bags at home or in your car. We will not let you in with one. (We are not responsible for loss or stolen items while on the property)




- Inside the Haunted Shack Portion. No Photography allowed.


- WARNING: Be aware that we use FOG, STROBE LIGHTS and Other Special Effects in our show for those with asthma or epileptic illnesses.


- If you are asthmatic, please be sure to bring your inhaler AS A PRECAUTION! We uses fog, hay on the trailers and other effects that may irritate asthmatic symptoms!


- We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for loss or stolen items, phones, bags left in cars or on person.


- While on the property secure your valuables and phones. We will not stop the show to look for lost items. (If you happen to loose an item report it to the ticketing booth and we will take down the info and make an effort the following days to look for it.)


- We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone at any time for the safety of staff and guests.