Join the scariest volunteer event in the Twin Ports Area!!

All ages both young and old can be a part of this amazing event. The Haunted Shack and the Haunted-ridge organization invites you to be an integral part of the largest haunted attraction north of the Twin Cities! We see all ages witnessing the true terror at the Haunted Shack & Haunted-Ridge Why? Because we have long been recognized among the ranks of haunted places in the mid-
west. It provides just enough atmosphere…a retreating footstep here, a fading whisper there…to make the ever-growing sub-culture of paranormal enthusiasts emphatically declare the place to be a haven to phantoms, ghouls, spirits, lingerers-on, or any other name by which a ghost may be called.

Every October, at the Haunted-Ridge, the Haunted Shack crew will terrify the innocent and play with the minds of thousands of souls entering the grounds, and we want your HELP!!!

Join the coolest and scariest volunteer crew in Minnesota.
Volunteer any or all nights of the Haunted Shack – and have a ghoulish fun time! Signup Today! Help fulfill your Civic Engagement Requirements for Graduation or raise monies for your group / organization and volunteer today.

Do you belong to a group or organization that is looking to raise money? For a small commitment you can earn monies towards your group or organization. Contact us for more information on Fundraising opportunities.

We depend on volunteers like you, as well as the community to keep the Haunted Shack haunted attraction alive. We look forward to meeting and working with new people who want to become involved.

What to Expect when Volunteering:

9 Nights Between October 14th thru October 29th

Fridays, and Saturdays and volunteer hours are from 6 PM to approximately 11 PM.
Thursday and Sunday evening the volunteer hours are from 6 PM to approximately 10 PM.

*Please note that events may be longer or shorter depending on the crowds each evening*

For more information and prior to volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form and waiver.

Special Requirements
All volunteers must have some form of identification in order to check in for the event.
Haunted Shack wants to allow all ages that have a sinister interest in Halloween be allowed to work in the haunted houses to enjoy an experience in volunteering at this event. Because of the nature of the event, we do have some age requirements.

Volunteer under the age of 18 MUST have their registration signed by a parent or guardian. Volunteer under the age of 12 MUST also have a
parent or guardian with them at all times of the event.

Free food and refreshments will be provided to the volunteers each evening.
Breaks will be given throughout the volunteer’s time at the event.